Run remote network tools and Unix commands in a Windows shell
MobaXterm v21.3
09 Sep 2021
MobaXterm v21.2
17 Jun 2021
MobaXterm v20.3
4 Jun 2020
MobaXterm v20.2
13 Apr 2020
MobaXterm v11.1
28 Jan 2019
MobaXterm v11.0
21 Oct 2018
Editorial review
MobaXterm v10.9
26 Aug 2018
MobaXterm v10.7
3 Jul 2018
MobaXterm v10.5
18 Jan 2018
MobaXterm v10.4
29 Aug 2017
MobaXterm v9.4
2 Nov 2016
MobaXterm v9.1
2 Jul 2016
MobaXterm v8.6
22 Jan 2016
MobaXterm v8.5
28 Dec 2015
MobaXterm v8.4
23 Nov 2015
MobaXterm v8.3
3 Nov 2015
MobaXterm v8.2
14 Sep 2015
MobaXterm v8.1
4 Aug 2015
MobaXterm v8.0
20 Jul 2015
MobaXterm v7.7
2 Apr 2015
MobaXterm v7.6
17 Feb 2015
MobaXterm v7.4
8 Jan 2015
MobaXterm v7.3
29 Sep 2014
MobaXterm v7.2
5 Aug 2014
MobaXterm v7.1
16 Apr 2014
MobaXterm v7.0
21 Feb 2014
MobaXterm v6.6
12 Nov 2013
MobaXterm v6.5
25 Jul 2013
MobaXterm v6.3
12 Jun 2013
MobaXterm v6.2
3 Mar 2013
MobaXterm v3.0
26 Jan 2011

What's new

v20.3 [4 Jun 2020]
- New feature: a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl SPACE by default) allows you to quickly choose and run a macro directly from the terminal.
- New feature: you can now define multiple SSH jump hosts (or SSH "gateways") for SSH, Telnet, VNC and RDP sessions.
- Improvement: default syntax highlighting definition for terminals (local or remote) has been greatly improved with enhanced support for shell scripts and network devices.
- Improvement: added dark mode to MobaTextEditor.
- Improvement: macros are now encrypted using your Master Password, in order to keep sensitive information confidential.
- Improvement: added a way to set a named pipe instead of a real COM port in Serial sessions (useful for connecting to virtual COM ports).
- Improvement: added an experimental setting in browser sessions in order to choose "Firefox" or "Chrome" browser engines.
- Improvement: improved detection of running MobaXterm sub-processes in order to increase startup speed.
- Improvement: decreased embedded resources size by compressing them with a better algorithm.
- Improvement: options set in MobaTextEditor are now remembered after MobaXterm restart.
- Improvement: added a new syntax for log files in MobaTextEditor.
- Improvement: MobaTextEditor window size and position is properly reset if a change in monitors configuration is detected.
- Improvement: when recording a macro, if you paste some text, it is now recorded into the macro.
- Improvement: better support for "docker" with bash completion, automatic terminal and DISPLAY setting.
- Improvement: better support for kubernetes "kubectl" command when run from local terminal.
- Improvement: added a link to the "winpty" tool, which allows running commands in "DOS-mode".
- Improvement: the "Use Windows PATH" and "Use icons cache" options are now set by default.
- Improvement: added 2 new fun terminal games, soliterm and termwalk.
- Improvement: increased speed of shared sessions refresh.
- Improvement: improved SCP transfer speed by disabling compression when the file to be transferred is already compressed.
- Improvement: increased stored credentials retrieval speed, which leads to faster SSH authentication.
- Improvement: added a new setting in "File/folder" sessions in order to add command-line switches to the external program.
- Improvement: added some more information to the hint which is displayed when the mouse cursor is over a session.
- Improvement: when a SSH connection is made on a disabled tab, automatic switch to this tab after successful SSH connection is now disabled.
- Improvement: added more information like stack trace into MobaXterm log file in case of unhandled exception.
- Improvement: when you start a Windows command in ZSH (64 bits) shell (e.g. ping or ipconfig), special characters are now properly displayed.
- Improvement: you can now start PowerShell 7 from the local terminal by typing the "pwsh" command if you have it in your Windows PATH.
- Improvement: in CMD sessions, the Ctrl C character is no more displayed in the terminal.
- Improvement: user keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in terminal right-click menu.
- Improvement: removed executable link to the deprecated Windows library "version.dll".
- Improvement: autodetection of buggy SSH servers which send inconsistent ED25519 hostkey signatures and automatically switch to RSA hostkey.
- Improvement: changed executable SHA1 signature algorithm to dual signature (SHA1 / SHA256).
- Improvement: improved some icons for better compatibility High-DPI monitors.
- Improvement: when you launch PowerShell from within MobaXterm terminal, the keyboard and colors configuration are automatically set.
- Bugfix: fixed some connections errors when using an SSH jump host to connect to an IPv6 SSH server.
- Bugfix: fixed a potential issue when checking the "Remember me" setting in the Master Password dialog box.
- Bugfix: when the "cache icons" setting was enabled, icons colors were not changed when modifying black intensity in dark mode.
- Bugfix: syntax highlighting was disabled on the first visible line of the terminal.
- Bugfix: free memory earlier after unpacking resources (instead of waiting for the end of the whole unpacking process).
- Bugfix: when you close a popup window using Escape key, the key sequence is no more transferred to the terminal.
- Bugfix: fixed issues during folders conversions to "CurrentPath" or "MyDocuments" folders.
- Bugfix: the title bar was white when dark mode was activated on latest Windows 10 update of May 2020.

v20.2 [13 Apr 2020]
- Improvement: by default, MobaXterm autodetects if Windows is in bright or dark mode and adapts its default settings accordingly.
- Improvement: increased MobaXterm startup speed and removed splash screen when using an installed version or a persistent slash folder.
- Improvement: increased MobaXterm closing speed, by replacing a very slow Windows folder cleanup function by some enhanced code.
- Improvement: added an option in the "Display" tab of global settings window in order to choose if you want to round out borders for tabs.
- Improvement: MobaXterm now allows you to use a Master Password even on Home Edition.
- Improvement: use of Master Password is now mandatory for your stored passwords.
- Improvement: added a "Remember me on this computer" option in the Master Password prompt at MobaXterm startup.
- Improvement: when setting a graphic theme in the Customizer, the chosen theme is previewed in the Customizer itself.
- Improvement: enhanced tabs bar (paint speed, antialiased rendering) and macros sidebar (paint speed, antiflickering).
- Improvement: added a new setting in macros edition in order to select the delay which will be used between each simulated keystroke.
- Improvement: when recording a new macro, MobaXterm now tries to detect the command you typed and propose a macro title accordingly.
- Improvement: several small improvements in macros edition window: decreased default delay, minified text for INI storage.
- Improvement: added a new "apt-get" command which is faster and easier to use.
- Improvement: if you type an unknown command in local BASH terminal, MobaXterm detects if it can be installed using apt-get.
- Improvement: when dark mode is activated, SFTP and FTP sessions now use dark theme for graphic widgets.
- Improvement: added a small border around the terminal in order to ease mouse selection.
- Improvement: better detection of minimum window width in order to set the terminal size to 80 columns and 24 lines by default.
- Improvement: decreased CPU consumption of terminals, especially when syntax highlighting is turned on.
- Improvement: upgraded MoTTY by backporting the latest PuTTY modifications.
- Improvement: improved speed of shared sessions refresh, especially when there are many saved sessions.
- Improvement: improved speed of new session creation, especially when there are many saved sessions.
- Improvement: improved speed of session name change, especially when there are many saved sessions.
- Improvement: auto-detection of UTF-8 character set in FTP sessions.
- Improvement: prevented some incompatibilities when running MobaXterm from Dropbox or Google Drive folder with multiple accounts.
- Improvement: enhanced auto-detection of Cisco/HPE/Comware network devices in order to adjust SSH session settings.
- Improvement: default GIT_EDITOR variable has been set to MobaTextEditor (this can be changed in user ".profile" script).
- Improvement: added native support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on ARM computers.
- Bugfix: username of SSH sessions was not properly reset to default after editing a session and selecting saved credentials.
- Bugfix: when the prompt for saving passwords was shown and if you hit "RETURN" the prompt dialog was canceled instead of being acknowledged.
- Bugfix: fixed an issue which occurred during the "Save terminal text to file", when the file format was TXT.
- Bugfix: when typing "tcpdump" or "wireshark" commands in the local terminal, MobaXterm now starts TCPCapture instead.
- Bugfix: the "Close" button of MobaXterm embedded SSH agent process does no longer quit the process but hides it instead.
- Bugfix: in some cases, passphrases for SSH keys were not saved after starting SSH tunnels or gateways.
- Bugfix: fixed a crash error message when a session uses an SSH gateway which does not exist or is unreachable.
- Bugfix: fixed an issue with the font selection combobox which was not displayed properly with Asian languages.
- Bugfix: properly detect UTF-8 characters encoding when setting terminal tab titles.
- Bugfix: in dark mode, the "OpenFile" and "SaveFile" dialog windows can no longer be hidden behind MobaXterm main window.
- Bugfix: in dark mode, a memory device context which was used for painting main menu was not properly released after use.
- Bugfix: a double-update issue occurred on terminals when switching from/to MultiExec mode.
- Bugfix: fixed a dependency issue on the "kinit" local command.
- Bugfix: fixed an error in Powershell sessions when several commands and a startup directory with spaces were set.
- Information: changed versions numbering to "year . release_number_in_that_year . maintenance_release_for_this_version . build_number".

v11.1 [28 Jan 2019]
- Improvement: eliminated flickering effects in remote monitoring bar.
- Improvement: improved MobaXterm startup speed by decreasing resources size.
- Improvement: improved size of main executable by increasing compression of embedded resources.
- Improvement: Windows PATH is now appended to the terminal PATH in the dropdown terminal (Ctrl Alt M).
- Improvement: you can now manually select COM interface speed for Serial sessions.
- Improvement: you can now manually type a path in folder selection dialogs.
- Improvement: improved "ShiftFnKeys" terminal type with proper key sequences for Shift F9 and Shift F11.
- Improvement: in TCPCapture tool, a new interactive console menu allows you to choose which network adapter to use for capture.
- Bugfix: fixed a potential issue with AltGr key into RDP sessions.
- Bugfix: fixed checkboxes which were not properly painted when using very high DPI (more than 250%).
- Bugfix: typing the first character of a file/folder in SSH-browser now gets you to that file/folder.
- Bugfix: files and folders were displayed twice when pressing F5 without releasing the key in SSH-browser (SCP mode).
- Bugfix: fixed a potential freeze issue when trying to connect to a SFTP session and authentication fails 3 times.
- Bugfix: middle-click on an SSH-browser element copies full path to the terminal.
- Bugfix: fixed setxkbmap command which was not working in local terminal.
- Bugfix: prevented MobaXterm for asking twice to close open sessions when closing MobaXterm

v11.0 [21 Oct 2018]
- Improvement: when SSH-browser is disabled, remote-monitoring feature is now also disabled, in order to avoid issues on Cisco routers
- Improvement: the experimental CygUtils64 plugin can be used with MobaXterm. If you want to test it, you can download it at
- Bugfix: fixed the "live-unpack" mechanism for local terminal plugins - some plugins were not working properly in "installed mode" or when using "persistent root".
- Bugfix: fixed some issues with X server detection which led to the "X" icon to stay red whereas X11 server was started.
- Bugfix: fixed some issues with "Follow terminal folder" when remote monitoring was enabled.

v10.9 [26 Aug 2018]
- Improvement: when SSH-browser is disabled, remote-monitoring feature is now also disabled, in order to avoid issues on Cisco routers
- Improvement: the experimental CygUtils64 plugin can be used with MobaXterm. If you want to test it, you can download it at
- Bugfix: fixed the "live-unpack" mechanism for local terminal plugins - some plugins were not working properly in "installed mode" or when using "persistent root".
- Bugfix: fixed some issues with X server detection which led to the "X" icon to stay red whereas X11 server was started.
- Bugfix: fixed some issues with "Follow terminal folder" when remote monitoring was enabled.

v10.7 [3 Jul 2018]
- Improvement: updated "mobapt" package manager with new versions of downloadable tools and a fix for the "package not found" errors.
- Improvement: X11 programs are now shown in front of MobaXterm window, you do not need to click on the taskbar button in order to bring these windows to the front.
- Improvement: backup of MobaXterm.ini file is now created faster and more securely, write operations are verified to ensure that the file is properly created on disk.
- Bugfix: fixed height of elements in SSH keys list in High-DPI mode.
- Bugfix: fixed remote inspector elements sizes in High-DPI mode.
- Bugfix: backup of MobaXterm.ini file is now compatible with any archiver, even 7-zip.

v10.5 [18 Jan 2018]
Improvement: new experimental embedded VNC engine for VNC sessions with improved rescaling, speed, keyboard and clipboard handling
Improvement: slightly improved overall speed by removing some regular checks on MobaXterm main interface
Improvement: added password authentication for the embedded basic telnet server (fixes CVE-2017-15376)
Improvement: added a popup warning when starting clear-text embedded services such as telnet, ftp, tftp or vnc
New feature: added a confirmation popup message for each connection on telnet or ftp services
Improvement: updated documentation with latest features and frequently asked questions
Improvement: added a workaround for long startup on computers with slow or broken AD users/groups listing
Improvement: improved documentation generation feature by taking fast screenshots of program windows
Improvement: improved professional generator tool on computers where MSI packages extraction is disabled
Improvement: better detection of pre-configured persistent folders on custom version, in order to display a popup when trying to modify them
Improvement: better detection of network equipments in order to automatically enable/disable supported features in SSH sessions (X11-forwarding, SSH-browser)
Improvement: improved rendering of icons and buttons, especially with High DPI monitors
Improvement: added F2 shortcut for quick rename of sessions, but also files and folders in SSH-browser
Improvement: added a workaround for the "missing wfapi.dll" message at MobaXterm startup which occurs with old Citrix installations
Bugfix: session edition was disabled when session tree sidebar was on the right side
Bugfix: removed a bug on drag and drop operations in RDP sessions
Bugfix: after choosing a skin in the customizer, MobaXterm welcome message is no more broken
Bugfix: bookmarks saved to .moba files were not started correctly with previous version
Bugfix: corrected a potential issue with the "grep" command with Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Bugfix: corrected a potential issue with custom session icons with a resolution lower than 48x48
Bugfix: if MobaTextEditor last instance was moved to 2nd monitor and you run it again with a single monitor, it will be moved to 1st monitor
Bugfix: in settings section of customizer program, the main window was blurried in some specific cases when a skin was used
Bugfix: fixed a potential scroll issue with mouse wheel in SFTP or FTP sessions
Bugfix: after disabling tools from the customizer program, MobApt is properly disabled

v10.4 [29 Aug 2017]
Vulnerability fix: embedded TFTP server does not allow users to retrieve a file outside root directory anymore: fixes CVE-2017-6805

v9.1 [2 Jul 2016]
Improvement: added automatic scrolling of the sessions tree: you can now move a session to a folder which is not reachable without scrolling
Improvement: added new "Monokai" color scheme for terminal emulator
Improvement: better detection of non-writeable configuration file
Bugfix: fixed a focus issue with RDP sessions when switching from another application to MobaXterm
Bugfix: fixed some small issues when selecting/moving/duplicating sessions from the sessions tree
Bugfix: fixed default home symbolic links which occured when targets are on a shared folder
Improvement: added "MATE desktop" to the list of remote desktop managers in SSH session settings
Improvement: added some more debugging information for INI file detection, localisation and update
Bugfix: fixed a "freeze" issue which occured when attempting to perform the "ls -al /usr//../" command
Improvement: added a "-nomultitaskbar" commandline option (in order to force MobaXterm to the first taskbar)
Bugfix: fixed an issue when starting a new PowerShell or Cmd session in "C:": session did not start in "C:", but in default directory instead
Bugfix: resized some folder icons in order for all folder icons to have the same size
Improvement: improved logging information concerning SSH host keys
Bugfix: MobaXterm used to take SSH hosts keys from PuTTY if available, with some potential issues if a host key was modified in MobaXterm but not in PuTTY
Improvement: escape sequence sent when pressing alt arrow keys in terminal are the same as in standard xterm terminal emulator
Bugfix: in some specific cases, tab titles were displayed in red after disconnection/reconnection
Bugfix: suppressed a transient visual "glitch" on the top buttons bar when a new session was started
Improvement: added a new setting in RDP sessions in order to enable or disable Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) for authentication
Improvement: the embedded SSH agent is now launched before SSH tunnels
Improvement: when MobaXterm starts and a tunnel is slow to connect, startup continues without waiting for tunnel connection to terminate
Bugfix: function keys now work properly in "MultiExec" mode
Improvement: SSH-browser with SCP protocol now preserves files permissions after a direct file edition
Bugfix: fixed an issue with "Store password" window which could be activated twice with RDP session
Improvement: enhanced macros at sessions start: now macros can be executed simultaneously when you start multiple sessions
Bugfix: improved SSH tunnels closing function (in some rare cases, some tunnels could leave MobaXterm in a pending state after closing it)
Improvement: number of terminal lines when printing is limited to the last terminal lines in order to save the environment
Bugfix: suppressed an incorrect warning concerning host identification verification when SSHing through a gateway server (SSH jump host)
Improvement: MobaXterm start up speed has been slightly improved
Bugfix: fixed a maximize/restore issue on Windows 10 when multiple monitors are present and a specific taskbar is affected to each monitor
Bugfix: fixed a typo in the Home page on "Professional" word (thanks to Dewi for reporting it)

v8.6 [22 Jan 2016]
New feature: added terminal syntax coloration in global and sessions settings
New feature: added experimental support for Z-modem transfers in MobaXterm terminal if you have the CygUtils plugin installed: you can now transfer files directly through the terminal by launching sz, rz, lsz or lrz on your remote host and choosing "Z-modem send" or "Z-modem receive" in terminal right-click menu
Bugfix: updated OpenSSH to version 7.1p2 in order to fix CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 bugs. Note that this fix is for manual SSH connections from local terminal commandline only: "normal" MobaXterm SSH sessions are not concerned by the OpenSSH CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 bugs
Bugfix: corrected the "search" feature which was not properly reset when closed
Improvement: added another check for master password in passwords management, when showing stored passwords
Bugfix: terminals in detached windows no longer loose focus when spawning SSH connections
New feature: added xrdb and setx11dpi tools: useful for retrieving/modifying Xserver settings, especially Xserver DPI value
Improvement: allowed log files to be written to UNC network paths
Improvement: added new available keyboard shortcuts combinations: WindowsLogo F1-F12 and WindowsLogo 0-9.

v8.2 [14 Sep 2015]
Version 8.2 (2015-09-12)
New feature: added a new "inline search" feature which allows you to highlight search terms directly into the terminal itself
New feature: added an internal SSH agent "MobAgent" which allows you to automatically load SSH keys at MobaXterm startup and to forward them
Improvement: the keyboard shortcut for "Paste inside terminal" can now be modified (default: Shift INSERT). Remember that there is no shortcut for "COPY" as copying is performed automatically when you select some text.
Improvement: you can now scroll in Tmux using Shift MouseWheel if you have the "set-window-option -g mode-mouse on" feature enabled in your ".tmux.conf" file
Improvement: enhanced compatibility with Emacs in terminal mode (better scrolling, better selection using shift arrows, better home/end/arrows keys handling, better Ctrl Alt shortcuts handling)
Improvement: added "Pageant" support for SSH tunnels and SSH gateways
Improvement: if you use a laptop and sometimes connect it to an external monitor, MobaXterm will automatically store 2 independant graphical configuration profiles (window position/size, sidebar visibility) for each configuration.
Improvement: you can now select terminals for writing in "MultiExec" mode
Improvement: you can now force terminal font antialiasing even if ClearType is disabled in your Windows configuration
Improvement: better URL detection for Ctrl click on the terminal
Improvement: improved GSSAPI authentication for the SFTP browser
Improvement: added a new global setting which allows to disable SSH banner
Improvement: the terminal popup menu can be displayed using Ctrl right-click or Shift right-click when using right-click to paste
Improvement: enhanced compatibility with Byobu (Ctrl function keys)
Improvement: telnet escape sequence was not handled correctly on German and French keyboards
Improvement: when using "-newtab" command with MobaXterm minimized, the application is properly restored
Improvement: you can now navigate in the SFTP browser using arrows, return and back keys
Improvement: added some more debugging information in log for failed SFTP connection attempts
Improvement: HOME and END keys now work properly in "less" command
Bugfix: main window size/position were not automatically saved after MobaXterm was closed with some particular Windows configuration
Bugfix: Sidebar visibility and "compact mode" were not automatically saved after MobaXterm was closed with some particular Windows configuration
Bugfix: corrected some issues when pasting to all terminals (in MultiExec mode): some terminals were not updated in some specific conditions
Bugfix: corrected a "freeze" issue when closing SSH tab with SFTP browser and "follow SSH path" checked, in some particular cases
Bugfix: corrected a "freeze" issue when resizing MobaXterm while a CMD or POWERSHELL session is running on Windows 10
Bugfix: corrected some issues with flashing taskbar or focus loss at terminal startup
Bugfix: disabled GSSAPI authentication attempt when it is unchecked in global settings
Bugfix: corrected the erroneous "closewhendone" mention in the documentation (the correct commandline parameter is "exitwhendone")
Bugfix: the "newtab" command was not starting a new tab properly for ssh commands
Bugfix: fixed "Decrease font size" menu entry which resized the terminal window instead of changing columns/rows number
Bugfix: you can now extend selection using Shift left-click
Bugfix: HOME and END keys did not send correct key codes in some applications
Bugfix: Shift Arrow keys did not work properly in some applications

v7.7 [2 Apr 2015]
Bugfix: apt-get (MobApt) has been updated for compatibility with the new Cygwin checksums
Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with Windows 10 build 10041
Improvement: MobaXterm can now import PuTTY Connection Manager (PuttyCM) sessions
Improvement: MobaXterm now keeps folders structure when importing Mremote, PuTTY and SCRT sessions
Improvement: You can now choose between X11 server version 1.16.3 and 1.14.5 for better compatibility with your environment
Improvement: Recompiled Xorg version 1.16.3 with latest OpenGL libraries
Improvement: Selected a more compatible list of ciphers by default for SSH
Improvement: Added CP1251 (Cyrillic) codepage to terminal sessions
Bugfix: the "bc" command was not working correcly when launched from interactive shell in version 7.6
Bugfix: the "List running process" tool was not working when launched from the sidebar button
Bugfix: some users were shown an "Unknown user" prompt instead of their standard username
Improvement: Protocols which have been disabled from the customizer are no longer available in interactive terminals
Bugfix: The main menu bar is now correctly repainted after maximizing the main window with a skin.

v7.4 [8 Jan 2015]
- Bugfix: updated bash to version 4.1.13 to fix "shellshock" vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169).
- Improvement: added a "compact mode" in the "View" menu in order to save screen real estate.
- Bugfix: on German and French keyboards, the AltGr ] escape sequence was not working correctly.
- Bugfix: if Persistent Root folder has been set to a network share, a FAT16 or ExFAT filesystem, an error message was displayed at X server startup.
- Bugfix: on Windows 2000 and XP, MobaXterm logo background was not transparent.
- Bugfix: with persistent root folder, new customizations were sometimes not applied correctly.
- Improvement: the embedded browser now emulates the most recent engine available.
- Improvement: added a "tweet" button in the "About" window (please send a tweet about MobaXterm if you like it).
- Improvement: added the "xauth" command for the embedded X server.
- Bugfix: MobaSwInfo now lists install software correctly on Windows 8/8.1 64 bit.
- Bugfix: Corrected the "Shift Tab" shortcut in OpenSuse "Yast" installer.
- Improvement: improved the way symlinks are handled via SSH or SFTP.
- Bugfix: Corrected the Gnome session environment which did not start correctly through SSH when remote user had TCSH as default shell.
- Bugfix: fixed a potential indexing issue when deleting a SSH tunnel.
- Improvement: added a new telnet setting which prevents MobaXterm from closing when a telnet session is active.
- Bugfix: corrected resizing issues with RDP sessions.
- Improvement: added a new commandline setting in order to allow MobApt to work with local Cygwin repositories (e.g. MobApt -l /drives/c/MyCygwinRepository).
- Bugfix: corrected an issue with tar and hardlink decompression.
- Improvement: added 2 more sections to the embedded documentation with detailed explanations about global settings and sessions settings.
- Improvement: added a lot of new questions/answers in the FaQ section.

v6.5 [25 Jul 2013]
- SFTP browser can now follow SSH terminal PATH: when you perform a "cd /tmp" in your terminal, SFTP browser will list /tmp content
- The buttons toolbar can now be customized
- Added vertical tabs: you can show/hide them by right-clicking on the tab bar and choose "Show/hide vertical tabs"
- Improved terminal speed by copying in TXT format by default (you can still copy with text formatting by using the terminal right-click menu)
- Corrected a fullscreen problem when using 2 monitors
- Added the "Ctrl Shift Tab" for reverse-cycling into tabs. As usual, this keyboard shortcut can be modified in the "Settings" window
- Removed "minimize/minimize to tray" menu
- Added more termcap definitions (vt100, vt200, xterm-256colors, etc...)
- Corrected some RDP tab closing bugs with slow RDP servers
- Implemented a more reliable network adapters detection
- Added the "ifconfig" command
- Fullscreen mode now displays the top toolbar for 2 seconds before closing it
- Serial connections can now be made using either minicom or microcom
- Telnet connecitons can now be made using either standard-telnet or busybox-telnet
- Updated Xorg to version 1.14.2 (corrected a bug with keyboard input in recent Java graphical applications)
- Corrected backspace key handling inside terminal when "Unix compatible keyboard" is unchecked
- Improved startup speed and CPU consumption while MobaXterm is running
- Added ssh private key connection mode for graphical tunnels
- Added an option for selecting the local network adapter for SSH tunnels
- Corrected a bug with XDMCP sessions not being started correctly at second launch

v6.3 [12 Jun 2013]
- Added new master password feature (secure passwords saving with strong encryption) - PRO EDITION ONLY
- Added an embedded NFS server
- Added an embedded VNC server
- Added a new option to set default text editor
- Improved serial connections and added some more options by replacing the "microcom" serial client by "minicom"
- MobaXterm speed has been increased by putting configuration (INI) file parsing in memory
- Re-enabled aero "glass" effect in the title bar when using "No skin" mode
- Added new skins
- Increased SFTP browser speed by increasing default buffer size
- Corrected a bug: buttons were not placed correctly in some forms with some graphic adapters
- Added CDE as remote desktop for SSH sessions
- Added "paste" command
- Corrected a bug: tab size after detaching is now the same as it was before detaching
- Corrected some typos in documentation
- Corrected issues when using 2 SFTP browsers with same SSH gateway
- Corrected a repainting problem with multi-desktops applications like VirtuaWin or Dexpot
- Changed embedded telnet client for better compatibility
- Added a way to launch macros at startup or to create desktop shortcuts for macros
- Improved tabs controls
- Added some inline help when mouse hovers components
- Created a "reset master password" tool that can be downloaded in order to reset a master password
- Default X11 font path has been set to take new fonts (from font plugins) into account
- Sessions can now be named using special characters like []
- Fixed persistent home directory detection when home directory has been set in the customizer
- Enabled fullscreen and detached tabs transparency
- Fixed OpenGL acceleration on computers which do not support HW OpenGL: you can uncheck the "HW OpenGL acceleration" from the "Settings" window in order to use safer SW OpenGL acceleration
- Many minor improvements
- Improved documentation.

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